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Rebecca Black-Gliko

This was First Task in MIP.  Assignment was to chose a word relating to our Shared Knowledge project, chose a type face, trace it in Illustrator with the wonderful pen tool, and then print/present it for Crit. 

My Logic:
1. Type Face Selection - I wanted something that would be challenging (with straights and curves).  I wasn't concerned with cliches. 
2. Site - I chose a section of wall opposite from other people who also chose history, to show that it was different or "Alternate."  I pinned it up so that it wasn't level, refer to Composition. 
3. Materials - I didn't want a perfect sheet of paper so I made it "rough around the edges" and wrinkled it to show more of a wear and tear. 
4. Composition - I broke it into His and Story to describe that History depictions generally had some kind of tilt "not on the level" because a person generally male (up until the last 50ish years) and part of the "winning side" writes out the account.  I expanded it off the page (a suggestion first brought to my attention by my tutor, Lisa) because it doesn't have definite starting/stopping points.  At least, we don't know exactly when it started and it's still going. 

It was a fun project that reminded me of that Cardboard exercise we did during Orientation to RMCAD. ^_^ I think I was more successful in this case. 

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